Skype Emoticons

Skype emoticons makes your skype conversation and chatting session more interesting, these new skype smileys are very useful and can be used in several ways.  Here we bring you new list of 2015 skype emoticons, check them and have great chatting experience on skype.

bandit emoticons for skype (bandit)
bug smiley skype (bug)
mooning skype emoticons (mooning)
animal skype emoticons (heidy)
funny emoticons (tmi)
new emoticons (swear)
girl smiley (poolparty)
2013 smiley skype (fubar)
head bang emoticons skype (headbang)(banghead)
latest emoticons skype (rock)
Dog (toivo)
Smoking Emoticons Skype (smoking)(smoke)(ci)
Drunk Smiley Skype (drunk)
middle finger emoticons (finger)

These funny skype emoticons are very effective to express your feelings which are hard to express in words, Skype provides several Smiley Icons but there are a good list of secret or hidden skype emoticons which can be used for different expressions like naughty emoticons, funny emoticons, love emoticons, dirty emoticons and rude smileys.

Is this Bad to use Emoticons in formal correspondence or business conversation?

There are different opinions and thoughts on when to use emoticons, many of us thinks that these skype emoticons should be used in informal communication, while I personally feels and use few emoticons in formal conversations too. most common skype emoticons that I use are “thumbs up” and “Smile”. Flag emoticons for skype are good option to let people know your flag.